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Lennox Investment has been one of the best investments for long term investors over the last half century. A combination of time zone, political and legal stability, culture and language has made London perhaps the greatest world city.

Investing through Lennox funds maximises both capital uplift and income by investing in, and developing, properties that are the very best London has to offer. With a careful and methodical investment process, coupled with the very highest standards of construction and design, we aim to provide our investors with a low-risk investment that maximises the returns.

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Key Features Of Lenox Investment

Continuous Innovation

We stand out in the crowd on basis of innovative implementations. We utilize only the best resources and employ only the most accurate and efficient self developed strategies into our investments

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An Inspiring Leadership Force

Lennox's CEO and Chief Researcher/Analyst have worked together for almost 12 years and recognize innovation demands a flexible approach, hence our keen interest in modernization

Innovative Analytics

Our team of highly trained, highly regulated analysts at Harrington are organized by a concise web stretching across all developmental activities, to capitalise on modernization across markets and industries.

Interractive Research Ecosystem

We encourage outsourcing and abstract analytic research among our team, which allows for a much more accomodative yet strict asset allocation methodology.

Duality of time sensitive investments

Lenox Investment provides options of investments, both long term and short term. Short term plays are just as important as the long and with our strict analytic procedures, we are able to make optimal plays on assets repective to their most suitable time frames.

Investment Offers Available

Unlike standard investment strategies, the general management of investors' capital globalizes the process of making a profit, creating benefits immediately for all program participants. Our company, in this case, serves as one of the major players in the market. The total capital allows us to extract a large interest of the personal deposits of our clients. Part of this profit is the company's income, and investors receive a guaranteed return on their investments.

  • Min Capital: $7,000
  • Max Capital: $18,000
  • RIO Percent: 26%
  • Contract Time: 52 Hours
  • Withdraw Mode: Instant
  • Active Support
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